My Friend Ron

Last night I received a call from my friend Ron.

I met Ron at Northwest Airlines in 1990 – ’91 or so, and I liked him right away.  We just ‘clicked’ and our friendship continued to grow over the years.  Although younger than me Ron became my mentor at the airlines and helped me more than he will ever know.

About 10 years ago I began to have some concern about his drinking.  I didn’t want to lose him as a friend.  I talked with him about my concern, telling him that I loved him, and that I didn’t want to ‘lose him.’  In the end, this is about all we can do for folks like him – for folks like me.

Last night he called to talk about a guy he had recently flown with and it came out that he has been sober now for almost a year!  I didn’t ‘pick it’ right away, but reflecting upon our recent conversations, I have not heard the ‘anger’ or ‘angst’ or hopelessness in his voice as I had in the past.

I just feel so blessed sitting here this morning – and grateful.  For my friend Ron.

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