My Sears Wooden Hammer…

“Now, why would I write about a wood hammer,” you might ask.


Well, if I had you in my hands as much as I have had this old Sears wooden hammer, I would probably be writing about you also!

I can’t remember when I bought this hammer, maybe in 1991 or ’92?  Or perhaps, even earlier.  Suffice to say, it has been with me many a year.  And I have spent so much time with it – building many wonderful things.

I enjoy the feel of a wooden hammer vs. a metal hammer.  It’s like the hickory of the handle becomes an extension of me.  I’m comfortable with it.  I find metal-handled hammers too ‘impersonal.’  If you prefer them, fine – they are just not for me…

Can’t think of much more to tell you about my Sears wooden hammer this morning, so I’ll leave it at this…


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