Respecting the Presidency

I have been guilty here of late, of referring to the President of the United States as “Dear Leader.”  It was intended as an expression of total disrespect – a ‘takeoff’ on the Dear Leader of North Korea.  Not necessarily as disrespect for the office of the Presidency, but certainly for the individual now “hanging out” in the White House.  I use the expression of “hanging lout” intentionally because the current individual does not conduct himself in the manner of any President I have had before him.  And this is my point here: “Respect” is earned, not rendered as a function of position – whether it be an NBA basketball player, a military commander or the President.  And usually, as in the case of the President, this ‘respect’ is gained long before assuming the office.

So let’s look at this individual currently ‘hanging out’ in the White House.  Where did he come from?  What did he do before becoming President?  What were his “signature” pieces of legislature?

He is purported to be an American, by birth.   He had an American mother for sure, and who knows about the father?  He grows up being shuffled all over the world.  And in this I do not think he actually has an appreciation of “American values.”  I sure don’t see them…

And what did he actually accomplished before becoming President?  He earned a law degree, but did he actually practice law?  (He reportedly was the Editor of The Harvard Law Review, but where is anything he wrote as the Editor?)  He professes to be a Constitutional scholar, but then continually side-steps the Constitution with Executive Orders.  Has he ever run a business?

With respect to winning elections – I don’t think he has ever won on “merit;” he tends to win by destroying the “character” of his opponents.  The American way?  Maybe now…

“Signature legislation?”  Nope, there isn’t any.  In the Illinois State legislature he voted “Present” more often than anything.  Then as a US Senator he was ‘missing in action’ quite a bit.  (For example, he skipped 19 of 37 VA committee meetings he was assigned to…)

After his election to the Presidency one of the first things that happens is, he is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize – and again, he didn’t do anything of merit!  Then one of his first actions was to head out into the world, apologizing for America, and Americans.  Who does this?  And to claim ‘Americans’ are not exceptional?  As a nation, we are exceptional!  And nobody challenges this guy; because he’s black I suppose.

He then claims Muslims have contributed to the building of America since the beginning.  Oh, bullshit!  Name one Muslim attendee at the Congressional Congress?  A Muslim Founding Father?  How many Muslims charged up San Juan Hill with Teddy and the Rough Riders?  And how many died at Pearl Harbor?  Exactly – none…

Then we take a look at his record as President.  (I know, I know, he had a lot to overcome with Bush…bullshit.)  Our military is weaker (“Sequester:” To divert funds from National Defense to Social Programs.  For handouts, ‘gimmes,’ and entitlements, etc.).  46 million Americans now receiving ‘food stamps.’  Illegal immigrants now coming unchecked through our borders.  And so forth…

I could go on, but I reckon you get the picture.  This guy has not earned  respect, and from my perspective, he certainly does not deserve ‘respect.’  So, if you were offended with my use of “Dear Leader,” I humbly apologize, and will refrain from using the term in the future.  In expressing my thoughts here it came to me, he is certainly NOT a ‘leader’ either!

I will continually hold deep respect for the Office of the Presidency, but I will not render blanket respect for the individual holding the office – until he or she shows that they have earned that respect!

Of note, the Lakota chose their leaders on “merit” and “character,” not “personality” as we sophisticated, educated people tend to do.  If in turn, a chosen leader didn’t ‘measure up,’ he awoke one morning to find the rest of the tribe gone!  Just that simple.  Figuratively speaking, I am packed, with this guy in the White House…

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  1. Pat Wagner says:

    I sooooo agree with you! I too respect the “Office” of the President, but NOT the goof-off golfer person-currently in charge. (no disrespect to any golfers reading this).

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