Playing in the Leaves

I was talking with my daughter-in-law last week when the subject of ‘playing in the leaves’ came up.  She and my son would be working for the next 4-5 days so they would be able to come over, to let the boys play in the leaves.  So, why not?

IMG_2727I had plenty of leaves sitting on my front yard, just waiting for a pile, and a couple of boys.  With the leaf blower, and a little ‘elbow grease,’ in an hour or so the stage was set.  All it was lacking was a couple of boys…




IMG_2728Just before 3 I went over and picked up Evan (4) from day-care.  For whatever reason he was copping an ‘attitude.’  He just sat in the back, saying nothing.

Then I went over to the school and picked up Noah (6).  He was excited when I told him we were going back to my house, to play in the leaves.

When we got here I told Evan to head up and sit in the porch.  He just kinda looked at me.  Then I went on to explain, “Playing in the leaves is just for ‘happy boys,’ not sad boys.’  When he saw that I meant it, he said, “Grampa, I’m a happy boy!”  I just had to laugh….


Noah, 6, and Evan, 4.


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