Supporting the Cops

When I came out of the grocery store yesterday I saw a Monclova Township Deputy Sheriff sitting in his cruiser next to me.  His passenger side window was cracked about 2 inches or so.  Man, I could not resist this set up!

I reached in my car and took out one of the GIFT CARDS I am handing out this year.  Then I turned and tapped on his window telling him I had something for him.  He unrolled the window further, then I passed it through, explaining to him:

“This is just a small gesture on my part, to show my support and deep appreciation for you guys.”  His face lit up, and I ‘almost’ felt bad about it; but that past fairly quickly… There was the ring on his finger so I told him to please bring along his family.

I was able to observe his expression of ‘deep appreciation,’ followed by ‘confusion’ then I heard him break out in uncontrolled laughter as I got into my car.  I didn’t dare look back as I drove off, but I think I might have made his day!

I like doing ‘nice things for good people.’


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