The Day Goes by So Much Better…

One morning ‘the Burker’ was the opening SOF (Supervisor of Flying) at Vance.  His report time that morning was around 0430 or so.  Helping him open that morning was a female Ops Specialist, a blonde 2-striper who had not been in the squadron long.

About an hour or so into the day she looked over at the Burker and remarked, “You know Capt. B., the day goes by so much better if you have a couple beers before coming in…

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  1. jerry fine says:

    I followed you for several years and then you vanished and I tried every trick I could to find you again. No go. Today discovered I had an email from you in my “burn email account”. Now looking at your Archive listing looks like you dropped out of sight for a while. Just glad I found you again. I enjoy your story telling. Hope everything is going well for you.

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