The T-38 Follow-On Trainer…

The T-38A/C is getting old, and tired.  It entered service in 1961 and has served America well.  I had the privilege of flying it for 13 years on active duty – and I loved every moment of it!  But she is getting tired… It’s sad, for sure, to see the T-38 at the end of her tour, but it’s time.

In the late 70’s I attended a briefing on the T-38 by a couple Northrop engineers who designed it.  At one point during the briefing they said that if they had to design a replacement for the ’38 it would look a lot like the T-38.  That statement never left me.  And now, I think they did.  In this TX, I can see the T-38.  And I am sure it will do well.

I suppose my only ‘regret’ in seeing the TX come on board is, I won’t get a chance to fly it…

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