I am currently 72 and have had a great life. I haven’t done it on my own, by any means. I have always sensed that God has been with me – every step of the way.

I came across this ‘photo’ a while back and it really struck me. It really ‘spoke’ to me, telling me something that I have known all my life.

Last weekend I learned of the passing of a friend of mine in 2017, Wayne ‘Pete’ Petersen. Pete and I flew together in Thailand, in 1974. After returning to the States we stayed in touch for a while then drifted apart, as we (military guys) tend to do. But this does not mean that his passing has any less impact on me here this morning. So, beginning with Petey, I am beginning a “Tribute” category to those I have flown with in years long since past…

God Bless each and every one of you…

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