A few years ago I was visiting my old Air Force ROTC detachment, Det. 620 at Bowling Green State University (OH). I met a Lt. Col. who told me that she had flown helicopters, in Keflavik, Iceland while assigned to the 56th Rescue Squadron.  I looked up at her “I Love Me” wall and spotted a 56th Air Rescue patch.

I was somewhat excited as I had been in the 56th Rescue Squadron many years before. Only then it was the 56th ARRS, Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron at Korat Royal Thailand AFB, Thailand, and we flew HC-130s. She had flown HH-60s, rescue helicopters.

“Hey, that’s cool,” I told her, “I was in the 56th at Korat!” 

Thinking about what I had just told her she said, “Oh, that’s interestinmg, I have never been to Georgia…”

Not knowing quite what to say, I just let it go…

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