For a Quarter?

CUATION: John, put down your coffee!

So, one day Bart Starr and Vince Lombardi find themselves standing next to each other in the Men’s Room. They both look down and spot a quarter in Bart’s urinal. After they finish their business, Bart reaches in his pocket and pulls out another quarter – which he tosses into the urinal, along with the other one. Then he bends over and retrieves both quarters at the same time.

When he looks up he sees Vince staring at him with somewhat of a puzzled look on his face, Bart exclaims, What, you don’t think I was going to stick my fingers in there for just 0.25 cents, do you?”

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One Response to For a Quarter?

  1. John Ray says:

    Yup, Bob, I took your advice. Good thing, too.

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