Flying Solo – In a C-141A

So one Sunday morning, back in 1973, I was at home when Dave called and asked if I would like to fly over to Scott (AFB, IL) and back (from McGuire AFB, NJ). Green Bay wasn’t playing until later the day, so I said okay.

Dave and I were both in the 18th MAS at the time; me a copilot about to enter the AC upgrade and Dave a Flight Examiner. I can’t remember what we were hauling; nothing exciting I’m sure?

I was flying from the Left seat. As we strapped in Dave looked over at me and asked me if I would like “to fly Solo,” over and back. Meaning I would “run the whole show; checklists, radios, configuration, etc. Well, Hell yes!

I did, over and back, and what a ball I had! Dave just sat over there, enjoying the ride… Talk about a “confidence booster” at the time!

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