“Now, Get Out of the Car!”

There once was a Wing Commander at Randolph AFB, TX who was a “Piece of Work!” One Friday afternoon he was driving around the base in his staff car when he spied a couple of Captains walking toward the Officer’s Club, undoubtly to the Auger Inn. It was ‘pouring the rain and these two Captains had their heads down and their hands in their jacket pockets in an effort to stay as dry as possible. “JP” pulled up along side of them and invited them to get in the back – which they gladly did.

Then, instead of taking them to the O’Club he took them over to the Parachute Shop. When he got there he demanded that they give him their flight jackets. Both Captains complied. JP then got out and headed into the parachute Shop, leaving the 2 Captains sitting in the back of his staff car. He shortly returned and tossed their flight jackets to them, with the pockets sewn up! Then he took them back to where he first found them, told them to get out of his car into the driving rain, and to keep their hands out of their pockets!

JP: A Legend in his own mind!

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