Take the Afternoon Off and Go…

I was talking with (callsign) Spongebob the other day. He currently a T-6 IP, on duty as a Lt. Col. Reserve officer on leave from the airlines. So, he’s having the time of his life!

A couple-3 weeks ago he told me that one of his new students informed him of his “high-powered” degree in rocket science, and vague attempt to intimidate Spongebob with his intellect. It didn’t work. Then as he progressed though the program the student began to employ the the age 0ld techniques of quibbling and whining. They didn’t work either. Spongebob has been around the Closed Pattern with too many students before this kid to buy into any of his crap. So last week or so the kid reverted to “crying!” (YGBSM!). That didn’t work either…

At his last crying session, first the kid tried to claim “dry eye” when challenged about it. That didn’t work either (Spongebob’s tough), and at this juncture, Spongebob had had enough! He casually sat back, looked across the table and told the kid to take the rest of the day off – to go home and “unfuck” himself! And he said this in the flight room; if the kid had no reservations about crying at his desk, well Spongebob had no reservations about offering a solution!

I wish I had had this “tool” when I was instructing in the 70’s and 80’s – I flew with a few students who could have used the direction – to head home and “unfuck” themselves! But then again , maybe not…

(BTW, after Spongebob told me this story, I laughed all the way home, and woke up the next morning, still laughing over it!)

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