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Then there was the time I took a couple weeks leave and Capt.S, our Assistant Flight Commander was left at the helm. AT the time we had a student on Special Monitoring Status we were watching. Our DO (Director of Operations) had laid out a handwritten, personalized training directive in the SMS trainee’s grade book. I had carefully reviewed it with Asst Flt CC the day I’d signed out on leave, explaining to him this was “no-shitter” guidance. AT the time, he seemed to understand.

Upon returning from leave I discovered my understudy had taken it upon himself to “John Wayne” the DO’s explicit plan, because he had a better idea what the trainee needed.

My ass got a little tender over that one. The DOs normally glowing sense of humor didn’t quite shine thru in that particular instance. And my Assistant Flight Commander never quite made it to Flight Commander…

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