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Grading Practices

At various points in UPT we had to take Check Rides for progress checks.  Quality control, if you will.  Check pilots were selected based on their skill sets, maturity and experience.  On occasion a ‘moron’ would slip through the system … Continue reading

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If Ya Haven’t Been There Before, Probably Not a Good Idea to Go There….

“If ya haven’t been there before, probably not a good idea to go there,” is something I heard my whole flying career with respect to taking Nav (navigation) check rides.  It really makes sense.  There are just so many things … Continue reading

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Tommy and the Stan/Eval Nazi

Tommy was a young FAIP who worked for me in the early ’80s as a T-38 Check Pilot in the 56oth FTS at Randolph Field, TX.  He was a good kid; highly motivated, talented and with a great career ahead … Continue reading

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Air Training Command Check Rides

In Air Training Command (ATC) we didn’t put ‘bombs on target.’ We didn’t do any aerial refueling. We didn’t haul any stinking cargo – but we did take check rides! Gawd, did we ever! By regulation, we were required to … Continue reading

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