Philosophy 101

(This category, “Philosophy,” is one that I am going to use to share the philosophies that have guided my life.  I have quite a few of them that I have acquired over the years; that have “guided” me on my journey.  I often find them enlightening, encouraging, and thought provoking.  I offer them for you to take from them what you will…)

This is one of the earliest ones I picked up in UPT (Undergraduate Pilot Training), in 1970/’71.  It still resonates deep within me…

The Troop Who Rode One In

We should all bear one thing in mind when we talk about a troop who rode one in.

He called upon the sum of all his knowledge and made a judgement.  He believed in it so strongly that he knowingly bet his life on it.

That he was mistaken in his judgement is a tragedy… not stupidity.  Every supervisor and contemporary who ever spoke to him had an opportunity to influence his judgement.

…and so a little bit of all of us goes in with every troop we lose.

Author Unknown

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