Reflections From My Denmark Trip…

Have been thinking this week, about my trip to Denmark last week.  From the generosity of Chris and Rie I saw many wonderful things.  Hans Christian Anderson’s home, the ‘Mermaid” in Copenhagen, Princess Anne’s home, a ‘magic’ ancient castle, a fantastic local bakery (that I miss so much today), and a German POW camp for Danish resistance fighters of WW II.  Then there was the farm; and what a magnificent farm it is!  I can really appreciate the work that Chris and Rie have put into the place.

I spent between 4 to 5 days with Chris and Anne-Marie with my trip to Denmark.  Of everything I saw, perhaps the most impressive and lasting was the ‘intimacy’ between two people who have been married for over 42 years.  I feel very humbled to have had the opportunity to witness this between two very dear friends.  It was their subtle gestures that caught my attention – perhaps day in and day out gestures that would go unnoticed by others.  But I saw them.  A gentle touch on the shoulder, a reassuring tap on the hand, a knowing smile, continued bantering, and so forth.  It was a true joy for me to witness… it was so heartwarming to see.

For those of you who have such a relationship, treasure it; take a moment to reflect upon it yourself.  It certainly is a gift…

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