So earlier this year, Harry asks me, “Bob, have you ever thought about raising bees?”

“Why no,” I replied, “why would I think of raising bees?”

So, Harry went on to explain why he raises bees, and soon I was interested.  Then I got home and discovered ‘Raising Bees’ was the very next item on my ‘Bucket List!’  And that’s how I got started…

First I bought the book, “Beekeeping for Dummies,” an excellent book.  Then Harry and I built my first two hives.  As Spring (2012) approached I bought my ‘uniform,’ and the tools I would need for beekeeping.

On 25 April 2012 Harry and I went to Waldo, OH where I bought my first two ‘packages of bees.  A package of bees is 3 pounds of bees and a queen.

We then came home and inserted them into the hives.

And so it began…

‘To Bee and, Not to Bee….’

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