The Bee Inspector

Harry suggested I register my hives with the State of Ohio, Department of Agriculture.  Well hell, why not?  He went on to tell me that our county bee inspector was very knowledgeable of beekeeping, and would be very helpful.  So, I contacted him, and registered my hives.  Cost me $5.00.  You don’t get the inspection without registering your hives.

A couple days ago the inspector showed up, and yes, he was very helpful.  I learned a great deal from him in his short visit.  Yesterday as I was talking to Harry about his visit, Harry enlightened me about another facet of registering my hives: it gives the State an appreciation of the scope of my beekeeping endeavor – for taxes!  YGBSM!

Apparently ‘the State’ knows how much honey a mature hive produces in a given year.  Then, they can tax you accordingly – if you sell the honey.  Great, just great!  Now my bees can support ‘EBT cards’ for our Nation’s deadbeats!  How cool is that?

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