The Unholy Trinity: The Takeaway

So what do I take away from all this – my ‘Unholy Trinity?”

First and foremost of all, I am so very, very blessed – in spite of myself!  I could have taken a different “path” with any one of the three “challenges” I was presented with, and who knows?  But here I am today (25 Oct. 2012, 66): alive, healthy and in good spirits.

Bev once told me that no event, no person, no ‘issue’ or thing has any more power than I choose to give it.  This took me many, many years “to get.”  And now, it’s so very clear.

Whether it be Sandy, or Dear Ole Dad or being thrown out of flying I chose to create huge resentments over each and every one of these. Resentments that fueled my drinking for many years.  Resentments that fueled my anger for many years.  Resentments that I isolated with, and languished in my self-imposed agony for many years – all the while, creating the impression I had no cares in the world…  Gawd, the weight of it all was crushing!

Today I live a life without these things affecting me at all.  Somehow I have managed to “let go” of them all, and my life is so much “lighter” for it.  I am indeed, blessed, and grateful…


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