She Wouldn’t Eat the Mushrooms!

Last week I was an “observer” at our local election poll for the recent presidential election.  No, we didn’t have any ‘New Black Panthers’ show up – oh, how disappointing…

Anyway, one of the guys who came through was around 72-74 years old.  Nice man.  As it turned out, he knew one of the ladies working the polling desk.

“Hey, how are you?” she asked.  “I haven’t seen you in what, 5 or 6 years?”

“Oh, I’m okay,” he replied.  “You know, I lost my wife about 5 years ago…”

“I didn’t know that,” our poll worker responded.  “How did she die?”

“She died of mushroom poisoning,” he answered.

“That’s terrible!”

“Well, then I lost my second wife here a few months back,” he offered.

“What did she die of?” asked the lady behind the desk.

“Oh, she died of a concussion,” her friend told her.

“A concussion?”

“Yeah,” he responded, “she just wouldn’t eat the damn mushrooms….”

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  1. That was one of my dad’s favorite yarns. But his was just a bit longer. There were two wives that died from mushroom poisoning but his third one happened to fall down a flight of stairs and have her head land on an axe. When asked how could something that awful happen, he replied, “She wouldn’t eat the mushrooms.”

    My brother told the same story at a cocktail party, but didn’t put the final punchline on it. He was told later that evening, when he walked away from his listeners, one woman whispered to another, “You know, I think he killed all of them!”

    Some people have no sense of humor or perspective at all.

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