Art is Sensitive, You Know…

Earlier this week Tommy came by.

Tommy worked for me in 1983-’84 as a T-38 Check Pilot.  It was great to see him and we talked nonstop for nearly two days!  I don’t know if there is anything more precious to me than good friends…

As we talked several people from our pasts surfaced.  One of them was Lisa D., a check airman at Northwest Airlines (NWA).  I flew with her on my Initial Operating Experience (IOE) following my Boeing 757 initial training in September 1995.

Lisa always came across as very “straight-laced,” almost “uptight.”  Some might interpret her demeanor as “professional” and become intimidated by her.  I wasn’t.  I actually enjoyed my training with her.

At the end of our 3-day trip I asked her if she was finished (flying) also.  She told me she had another IOE to administer, to Art K.  As it turned out, Art was a B-757 classmate of mine, and a great guy.  Also former Air Force.  Lisa then asked me ‘what he was like,’ and I walked through that door with reckless abandon!

“Oh,” I began, “he’s a great guy, you will enjoy flying with him.  There is however, one thing he is kinda sensitive about.”

“What’s that,” she asked, taking the bait.

“Well,” I continued, “he becomes real sensitive when people stare at his glass eye.”  And she took it!  “It is so ‘real looking’ that it is very hard to detect,” I said.  I then saw her retreat into deep reflection.

“I didn’t think you could fly with just one eye,” she challenged.

“Well, usually, you can’t,” I countered.  “However, he had ‘bags’ of flying experience when he lost it, so acquiring an FAA waiver wasn’t that hard for him.  And it hasn’t presented any problems for him since.”  And I dropped it.

She reflected a bit more, then resigned that it did indeed, make sense.  So, we wished each other ‘good luck,’ and parted.  As I was walking up the jet bridge I met Art on his way down.  We exchanged pleasantries, and he asked me what it was like to fly with Lisa.

I told him I had no problems with her at all, except that I thought she tended to stare at me a bit more than usual…but maybe it was juts my imagination.  And with that, I left them to their own.

A few months later Art and I ran into each other in Detroit.  We chatted a bit, then he asked me, “What did you tell Lisa about me?”  By that time I had forgotten all about it all; then I began laughing!

“Oh, I just told her you were ‘sensitive’ about your glass eye!”

“You asshole,” he replied, “she just kept staring at me, and staring at me, and staring at me – until I finally asked her if I was doing something ‘wrong!'”  Oh, I can only imagine… LOL!

Apparently after a while they both figured it out, and had a nice ‘laugh’ over it all!  And with the “feedback,” so did I!

A few months later I ran into Lisa – and as much as she hated to admit it, she acknowledged that I pulled off ‘a good one’ on her.  She went on to tell me that she ‘bought it’ because she couldn’t even imagine anyone pulling something like that on her, on a check ride!  Well, she didn’t know me…

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  1. jerry fine says:

    now that’s funny!

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