As we go through life we all accumulate scars.  Some are physical – the obvious ones – and others, our emotional and psychological scars, are unseen; yet all are felt just the same.  One of the things I’ve experienced in Life is, they do fade over time.  All of them – they will fade.

I was talking with a friend earlier the week.  She expressed a concern about a scar of hers.  She did acknowledge that it was indeed fading, but it was still there.  We chatted a bit more, then I thought nothing more of it – until this morning.  It dawned on me that I had two scars from a double hernia operation years ago.  I went in and had a quick look, and they are virtually gone!

I do however – now that the subject been brought up – remember how “angry” they looked in the beginning.  Two 3-inch red vertical scars on my lower belly, running on an angle toward “my package.”  I looked like I had pissed off Zorro!

After the operation, I was off for a couple weeks.  When I got back to work, we were sitting in Nashville one day, waiting for our departure time.  Somehow or another, the subject of my operation came up.  After a bit of discussion, I offered the observation I had made about it all.  I told them that if I were to take a pair of large, round black-rimmed glasses, and set them on the top of my penis, it would look like a Japanese-Jewish guy!

After everyone thought about “the visual,” the trip was just not the same.  For some reason, or another, no one could look at me without laughing hysterically!  What?

Today I am happy to report that the scars have healed to where I no longer need glasses…

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