2012 – A ‘Spiritual’ Christmas…

I am having somewhat of a “spiritual” Christmas this year.  I have ‘retreated’ to within myself, to take time alone, to really “look” at myself – where I am this year, and where I am going – where I would like to go, ‘who’ I would like to ‘be.’  A great part of my introspection is examining my relationship with my ‘Higher Power,’ the God of my youth who I seemed to have walked away from…

An integral part of my process here is to reflect on those of you who have been so instrumental in my life.  Those of you who loved me when I couldn’t love myself.  And so, in my stillness, as each one of you has ‘walked into my mind,’ I have enjoyed your visit!

As an example, when I was wrapping presents, Mom came to mind.  She taught me how to wrap presents many, many years ago, when I was 8 or 9.  She taught me that it was important to select the right paper for the right person, or present – then how to wrap the gifts.  To take time to fold the ends of the paper so the wrapping would look nice.


What Mom didn’t teach me was how to remedy an end that just doesn’t quite come out ‘right’ – no matter how much care you take with it.  I learned, on my own, that duct tape solves that problem very nicely (look at the package with the snowmen on it).  And I am quite pleased with it!

The other thing I have learned with respect to wrapping gifts is to build things too big or of an odd shape for wrapping.  Like the tables below for the boys, of the growth measuring stick (6 feet tall) for Beth!DSCN1529

This is just one example of the many of you who have ‘walked through my mind’ this Christmas season.  And although I may be ‘alone’ here this morning, my heart is so warm with all of you… Merry Christmas!

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