Why I Don’t Play Golf in Retiirement…

I have been ‘around’ golf ever since I was a kid.  Growing up on Air Force bases I had a great opportunity to play the game virtually at any time I wanted to.  However my interests lay elsewhere and I really never learned the finer aspects of the game.  When I went on active duty myself, again I had access to some great courses.  And again, my interests were elsewhere.

This all being said, I would continue to play upon occasion.  And there would be days when I played very well, but I could not do it consistently.  Again my choice.

Then, in the mid eighties I was flying at PIT with this young captain I had first met when he was a student at Vance.  One day while walking to the jet I told him, “Mike, I will not only teach you how to land the T-38 from the back seat, I will teach you how to land it very well – if you teach me how to play golf.”  Mike was a great golfer at the time, but little did he know what I was proposing!  I was bloody hopeless at golf!  But he agreed, and off we went.

I received an email from Mike the other day, and I think he might still be flying.  Not the T-38, but his comment brought this story to mind.  As much as I would like to ‘blame’ Mike for not being able to play golf – for not keeping his word – I can’t; I was just lousy at it… LOL!

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