Frequently I will wake up during the night to the sound of a hoot owl outside my window.  It doesn’t disturb me; matter of fact, I find it comforting.  I’ll lay there for a moment before sleep returns, often reflecting upon just how fortunate I am – to live where I can hear a hoot owl upon occasion.

“Hootie,” as I have named him, has a call that resonates like the chimes I have out back.  It’s a very soothing call, and I feel very honored each time I hear it… I am so blessed.

(Sometimes I get kinda concerned when I don’t hear him at night….)

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  1. jerry fine says:

    will trade owls with you. I have one, probably barn owl, that returns each spring for a few weeks and always chooses the same tall oak tree near the house. He doesn’t make the type of sound i’d associate with an owl, the “who, who” or the screech sound. His call is more like the sound of a 2 year old when you take the ipad away from him.


    thankfully, i can turn off my hearing aids at bedtime and can’t hear either the owl or my wife complaining.

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