Snow Alligators, and Flying Giraffes…

“So, I thought I was pretty aware of dangerous things in and around us here in Toledo, however on the way to take Noah to school, he told me that I had to watch out for “Snow Alligators!”  Apparently, they have white FUR, and like to hide in the snow before they pounce.  Good thing I know about them now, so I can be on the lookout for them!  Thought I would post this to warn all of you as well!!!  Be careful!!!”

This is a recent FaceBook post from my son Keith; about his son, Noah.  Snow alligators – who knew?  And how much fun?

When I was in 9th grade we had a Biology teacher who I loved!  She was in her ’70’s and was a great teacher.  One day she was explaining the skeletal system of birds.  She pointed out that, in proportion, birds have relatively ‘long necks.’  The long neck puts the bird’s head out far enough to ‘balance’ the mass of the body in flight.  She concluded her discussion with, “And that’s why birds can fly.”

I sat a moment, reflecting upon this, then my hand shot up.  When she called on me, I asked, “If long necks allow birds to fly, why can’t giraffes fly?”  Oh hell, why did I do that?*

Noah is 4 1/2 now, and he is fun!  I don’t want to “wish time away,” but I can’t wait until we can get together and explore other things!  Oh my – the possibilities!


* – I think I did that because, my teacher, then in her 70’s, had false teeth.  When she laughed, she had a hard time holding them in her mouth.  That day, after my question, her teeth came out on her desk!

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  1. Cheeta17 says:

    Good morning Bob, I was just reading through some of your postings that I have not read. At first glance I thought you were doing at least one a day for 2013. I always enjoy your elements of humor (little terrorists on the furniture) and certainly the reflections of flight. You are so good at writing, you could almost take the snow alligator concept and compose a children’s book. You have to love the imagination of a child. Love you, Gregg

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