“What Difference Does It Make?”

(To my grand children:  I don’t know if I will be around by the time you read this, and are able to understand it, for what it is.  Be that as it is, last week there were Congressional hearings on Benghazi; specifically, on why 4 Americans were held out to die.  Hillary Clinton was the “target” of these hearings, as the Secretary of State.  I watched a great deal of the hearings, and am thoroughly disgusted with this ‘government.’)

From my perspective, the Administration, from the president on down, have been lying about this whole episode from when it first happened.   It looks like it has been one huge “cover-up.”  And not a good one, at that!

The administration first claimed the riots in Benghazi were the results of an anti-muslim film produced in the United States.  Then the story changed to riots by muslim extremists.  And back and forth the stories went.  This is what precipitated Hillary’s comment, “What difference does it make?”

I think the difference it make is, we will probably never get to the truth about this whole incident.  I think Barry (Obama) is complicit, and ‘they” need to protect him – at all costs.  So, to this end, what’s 4 dead Americans?  What difference does it make?

It speaks loudly to honor, and loyalty.  We NEVER leave anyone on the battlefield.  We just don’t.  I think these guys were left on the battlefield…

There are reports that one of the Seals “illuminated” a target with a laser.  This has been fairly well reported throughout the news media.  The dumb shits don’t realize what they reported!  In order to illuminate a target, you have to expose yourself, to a certain degree.  Therefore, you wouldn’t risk exposing yourself unless you thought these was someone in position to fire.  Like a drone or AC-130.  It lends one to believe there were assets in the vicinity to fire, but they didn’t.  Why?

With this lying Administration, I don’t think we’ll ever know the truth – too damning.

“What difference does it make?”  To me, it’s everything!

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  1. Steve says:

    well stated… the whole administration is full of lies and deceit… but as long as they keep promising ice cream cones to that “47%” we’ll never get the truth.

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