The Mother of All Bedrooms…

I used to tell folks that a ‘moron’ built my house, then it occurred to me that another ‘moron’ bought it, in 1991!  Ahhhh…

After I bought this house, I began right away to transform it into a “home.”  I have lived in “houses” all my life.  Houses I have always had to be cognizant that they would one day be sold.  Form Jul 1968 until Jul 1988 I was on active duty, moving every 3-4-5 years.  Before that I was a kid in the Air Force, moving every 2-3 years.  Beginning in 1991 I didn’t have to concern myself anymore with whether or not to put a nail in a wall, or move a wall, or whatever.  I began creating a home…

Timber frame (post and beam) homes have always held an appeal for me.  Had I not been an aviator, I think I would have built timber frame houses.

Around the turn of the century it occurred to me that, in retirement I really wouldn’t care for climbing stairs to go to bed!  So I looked at building a master bedroom/master bathroom out the back of my house, using timber frame construction.

I knew of a timber frame construction 22 miles North of me.  So I called and asked to speak to an architect.  The receptionist then put me in touch with Jim B.  I explained to Jim what I wanted to do, and he had me send a picture of the back of my house to him.

Apr 02

And so it began, in late winter of 2002.

Jim drew up the plans, we talked about them, tweaked them, then broke ground in  April 2002.  The first pegs went into the structure in Jul 2002.

First peg

It took 5 days and the ‘rooms’ were up, and I took over from there.

Oct '02 I would take a book with me on a trip, on how to do whatever it was I was about to do next.  Then when I got home, I was ready!  First I installed the windows, then the siding.  As Fall came, I moved inside.

I once heard Kinky Friedman say, when he was running for governor of Texas, “How hard can it be?” and that appealed to me!  Electrical, tiling, drywall, painting – how hard can it be?

I would come home from a trip, change clothes and get to it!  The ceiling in the bedroom is 19 feet tall, and I am afraid of heights!  But the scaffolding I had helped immensely.  On some days I would get up around 0500 or so and make coffee before getting to it.  More than a few times I would look out and see Dave G. standing int he rook – just gazing at it.  Dave is a dear friend from AA, and he was just mesmerized with the project.  He once brought his wife over, and she said, “Oh my, I would make a Rec Room out of this!”

“My thoughts exactly,” I thought to myself!

It took about 4 years before I was ready to move in.  And once I ‘moved in,’ I thought to myself, “Holy cow, what have I done?  The room is huge!”  The master bedroom/master bath comes to 1,000 square feet!    I talked with a dear friend from AA about it, a man who helped me a great deal in early sobriety, and he said not to worry about it.  That it was an expression of my sobriety… and so, it is.

I love that room today!  It is a ‘warm’ room.  And I am so blessed to have it…






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