Boy Scouts

There was news this week that the Boy Scouts are going to “get away” from there traditional position on ‘gays;’ of not allowing gays in positions of leadership within the troops, or (Cub Scout) packs.  Well, fine…

We were at Tucson, AZ when I was in Cub Scouts, I really enjoyed it.  One day, the Cub Scout Leader took us out hiking.  We came across a farm pond, maybe 60 – 70 feet across.  He suggested that a couple of us, those who wanted to, swim across it.  At that time, at that very young age, I was a very strong swimmer, so it was just “natural” to me.

I cain’t* remember if it was in the Fall, or Spring, but I do remember it was cold out.  As it was, there were two of us who stripped and dove in.  “Holy Mother of God!”  My balls went right up under my chin – for survival!  And I took off across that pond.

I don’t remember what the other kid did, but I shot across it in record time.  It was cold!

At the time, I never gave it a second thought.  But now, I think there was more to it, than just seeing if anyone could swim across that pond.  Especially when he had us do it nude…

So now “they” want to allow gays as scout leaders?  WTF, Over?  And you don’t think anything like this will ever, ever happen again?  Bullshit!

* My Texas accent for “can’t.”

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