Scouting, My Solution

With all the talk now about allowing gays as Scout Leaders, why don’t we totally reorganize the Scouting system,  After all, what did our parents and grandparents know?  They didn’t have “Dear Leader” to enlighten them, as we do… Why don’t we just call it “Scouting?”

We could have two divisions: A “Ball Bearing Division,” for those bearing balls, and a “Non-Ball Bearing Division for those without balls.  Those born with balls would be assigned to the Ball Bearing Division, and those born without balls, to the Non-Ball Bearing Division.  If someone is born with balls, but looses their balls – either through accident, or by choice, or because Life is just too “scarey” out here – well then they can transfer to the Non-Ball Bearing Division, without prejudice.  And yes,you will be able to take your badges!   Makes it simple, huh!

I think the top of my head is going to blow off!

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