I’m Not Going to Change the World…

…and there are some things ‘the World’ isn’t going to change in me… like becoming “PC.”

When I wake up these days I typically spend a bit of time ‘grazing’ in bed.  You know, that’s when you are half asleep, and half awake.  And, more often than not, I turn on the news.  Probably shouldn’t do that…

This morning I heard there are now folks who are “offended” by the words “freshmen” and “penmanship!”  YGBSM!  I was not quite awake and missed the rationale.  I really don’t think it would matter anyway: ‘freshman’ and ‘penmanship?’ (Later the day I ‘googled it,’ and discovered this is an initiative in Washington State: freshmen, and penmanship.)  Give me a break!

This whole thing speaks to “political correctness,” PC.  It’s as if it’s running rampant anymore – this PC crap.  Every day now someone comes out screaming about an “n” word, a “f” word, a “l” word, (what’s that?), an “s” word  – well, you get the idea.  So as not to offend anyone else this fine snowy morning here in NW Ohio, from my perspective, they can all phuck off!  (Guess what’s going to show up on the “offensive” list tomorrow!  LOL).

I was taught to be ‘sensitive’ to others by my parents; and I got it.  If I didn’t, Dear Ole Dad had a way to make it clearer.  I don’t need to be lectured too, now at 66, by the ‘PC police’, the democratic party or a narcissistic president.   Guess I am now getting tired of it all… it just seems to be everywhere anymore.

I tend to ‘live on the edge.’  In retrospect, I always have.  Not a lot of ‘traffic’ out here, and folks know where I stand.  If I were a kid today, I don’t think I would survive.  At the very least, I would be on drugs, mandated by the school administration, I’m sure.   Over the past two weeks I have heard of 3 or 4 kids suspended for playing with toy guns in school.  Or, in one case, having a piece of paper that could be interpreted as a gun.  YGBSM!

I grew up playing “Cowboys and Indians” or “Cops and Robbers” all the time in school, at recess.  I hate to think what would happen to me today if I were caught engaged in a game of “Cowboys and Ragheads!”

I have absolutely no problems ‘acknowledging’ the sensitivities and values of others, and if someone is upset with either something I said, or did; I will examine what I said or did to ‘offend’ or upset them.  And if I was ‘insensitive,’ I will make an amends.  This ‘process’ also helps me grow.  But I am not going to fall in “lock step” to what some group or another, or ‘Dear Leader’ arbitrarily feels about the word ‘freshman’ or ‘penmanship’ – or gay leaders in the Boy Scouts.  Those “F-worders” can kiss my ass!  LOL!

Now that I am ‘spun up’ for the day, I won’t have to tune into Rush… LOL!

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