Senator Robert Menendez

Senator Robert Menendez, D/NJ, is being investigated for having sex with ‘underage’ prostitutes in the Dominican Republic.  Of course these charges are politically motivated; trumped up entirely by right-wing bloggers.  I get it…

This being said, the way I see it is, he will soon check himself into an alcohol recovery unit – do they have those in the Dominican Republic – then show up on national TV seeking forgiveness.  The Jerry Falwell moment, remember?

At Northwest Airlines we had a pilot get his ass in a “tight spot,” then declare himself “alcoholic” to soften the blow.  Thank God, it didn’t work.  I knew this “slug” from the Air Force and he was not an alcoholic!  He was a “scammer,” for sure, but an alcoholic”  Me thinks not.  He lasted just a few days at the recovery center…

I’m glad to see these creeps get thrown out of recovery centers.  They give us ‘real drunks’ a bad name!  LOL!

So, it’s going to be interesting to see what happens to ‘poor Bob’ over the next couple-few weeks…

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2 Responses to Senator Robert Menendez

  1. jerry fine says:

    I think the Senator needs to be chastised. I feel certain that New Jersey is well staffed with qualified prostitutes and here he is showing the world that he prefers to spend his sex allowance, not just out of state, but out of country. What kind of representative is he for his home state. That kind of support for the entertainment industry within New Jersey cannot be tolerated.

  2. Cheeta17 says:

    He had best not accuse anyone else of shipping jobs overseas!

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