Warning: Keurig Coffee Pots

A couple years ago Bill F. introduced me to the Keurig coffee pot.  I soon bought one, and love it.  However, there area couple things about this coffee pot that I have learned, and I think you should know.

Often, when I wash dishes, I store my cups upside down.  In the case of storing on on the Keurig, for the next morning, this is not good.


The problem is the next morning!  Walk into the kitchen at ‘Oh-Dark Thirty,’ load K-cup into receptacle, push “Start” button, then wonder what that ‘funny sound’ is… That ‘funny sound’ is the coffee running off the top of the cup, into the coffee pot reservoir – the reservoir specifically designed for dumb-shits, like me!  Crap… (lol!)

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3 Responses to Warning: Keurig Coffee Pots

  1. John Ray says:

    Couple of other points. (1) use store bought “drinking water” if your water is hard. But do not use distilled water — with this, the coffee tastes like crap and destroys the whole purpose of an otherwise excellent brewing machine. (2) Avoid cleaning the innards with the usual stuff, such as vinegar. This requires so much recycling of the damn machine that one can waste a gallon of good water getting the vinegar taste out, if then.

    Have a good one.


  2. My husband cleaned out our Keurig the other day and I got an awful taste of vinegar. It was horrible. 5 gallons later it tastes okay.

    • Cheeta17 says:

      Good Morning! I did the same thing, cleaned my Keurig with vinegar. Guess it’s a “man thing?” LOL! I won’t do that again! Thank you for stopping by… Bob

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