If there were ever pictures that reflect, “YGBSM” (You Gotta Be Shittin’ Me), this would have to be one of them:


I was just about to marry ‘Wife 2.0,” (Wife 2 dot oh) and Joe took me on a guided pheasant hunt in lieu of a bachelor party.  The hunt was down near Paulding, OH.

After we finished hunting we were standing around talking when I noticed siding on the house.  It just didn’t look “quite right,” so I asked our guide here.  (Actually, I had a damned-good idea what happened – I just wanted to hear the story.)

Behind me (taking the picture) is a bit of a ravine.  This gal was leading some “Armani Suit City Boys” on a hunt when they were  trans versing through the ravine, heading to another field.  A bird came up, she yelled ‘not to fire.’  However that meant nothing to one of the “pretty kids” on the hunt and he blasted away.  Missed the bird, but wounded her house!

What you see here is Joe staring at the holes in the siding that have been covered with Duck Tape!  Hey, if it works…?

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