“Convention,” Political Correctness, Defiance and Contempt…

It seems every day now I am becoming more and more constrained by “new-age convention” and political correctness (PC).  Well, I for one, have had enough of this “new-age” crap!  Every day now it seems as if I can’t do this or that, or I can’t say this or that because of I might “offend” one group or another.  And it seems as if anything defined as “PC” is set by progressives.  Well Sunshine, I ain’t buying it!

I can’t leave my grandson in the car while I run into the Post Office to mail a letter (even though I can see the little shaver at all times).  I can’t take him out to the airport in the evenings to watch airplanes anymore because we have chosen to restrict law-abiding Americans in the interest of not “offending” muslim terrorists.

We are afraid to call another muslim terrorist a ‘muslim terrorist,’ lest we offend some shithead in a cave somewhere on the other side of the world.  “Workplace violence,” Dear Leader calls it.  YGBSM!  What an idiot!

We give “welfare” to muslim immigrants, and they blow up Boston!  Didn’t happen when I was in my thirties!  And this is “progressive?”  I think “progressive policies” are destroying my country, and I resent it.  Not gonna drink over it, but I am also not going to blindly accept it.

I stand in complete DEFIANCE today, to anyone who attempts to mandate what is, and what is not “politically correct” to me.  I will put up my values and morals – the values and morals of my parents – against those of the shitheads running our nation today!  Obama, Bill Ayers, John Kerry, Valerie Jarret, David Axelrod – to name but a few.  What a collection of self-serving cretins!

Now I feel better, and am about to meet the day with nothing but delightful contempt for almost everyone in government.

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