Smoking Down the Highway…

As we settle into Spring this year, I am getting more and more into my bees.  Hive inspection is critical in the early stages of the year to make sure the hive is developing without problems.  Part of the hive inspection process is “smoking the hives.”  The smoke is used to calm the bees.

Last year I had a hard time keeping the smoker lit.  I spent more time fussing with that damn smoker than actually using it.  Then over last winter I ‘read the book’ on smoker techniques.  What a difference that made – reading the book!  Go figure?

So late last week I was installing new bees into a few hives, and using my smoker for the first time – now understanding how it works.  And it works like a champ; only maybe too good!

I have 3 hives at my house and 3 at my cousin Tim’s place, about 5 miles away.  When I finished here, I loaded everything into my Honda CRV, then looked at the smoker.  It was just kinda sitting there, with the smoke just a whiff.  I didn’t want to take the time to dump it, then relight it once I got to Tim’s.  It had been a long day, and I was tired.  So, I just set it in the back, and off I went.

Well, I wasn’t hardly out the driveway before that damn smoker took off!  Smoke just bellowing from it, filling my SUV!  I rapidly went through my “Smoke in the Cockpit” checklist, which meant I opened all the windows, and it was “tolerable;”  So, I continued on my way, smoke pouring out the open windows!

It wasn’t too bad where I was sitting, and I kinda enjoyed the looks on the faces of oncoming drivers, and the folks I passed!  Oh, I can just imagine!  LOL!  A sick bastard, I am… LOL!

I got over to Tim’s, took care of business, then headed home.  However, I did extinguish the smoker for the return trip.  Hardly could tell any difference though, from where I sat.

It wasn’t until the next day I realized “how bad” it really was – my SUV now smells like a smokehouse!  I don’t know whether or not to have it detailed; or hang a ham in it for a couple-3 days… I think that is the last time I will drive around with a lit smoker in the back.

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