Buying Sudafed

The last time I had a head cold I ran out of Sudafed.  Crap… So, I bundled myself up and headed to Kroger’s – but not before ‘writing a note’ for myself.

When I got to Kroger’s I patiently stood in line; suffering with the aching, coughing and fever.  Just felt like crap.  As I approached the counter I handed the pharmacist a note:  “Please let my good-looking son Bobby buy some Sudafed.  He has a very bad cold, and is not feeling very well.  Thank you, His Mom.”

When the pharmacist looked up from reading the note, I told her that, in all honesty, I actually wrote the note myself because my Mom died 10 years before – and with our new federal regulations, I didn’t know if I needed a note from Mom, along with everything else now, to buy Sudafed.  I said it so convincingly, with sad-looking eyes, that she didn’t know if I was serious or not.

I can’t fight all these new constraints on me – I get it.  But even sick as I was, I still can make these people feel like village idiots while implementing new federal regulations – for my own protection,of course.  Jerking around the pharmacist made me feel almost as better as the Sudafed…



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