Say ‘hi’ to John…

As I was getting into the shower yesterday I received a call.  Didn’t recognize the number but I answered it anyway.

“Hello, John?” came the reply when I answered.

“No,” I said, this is Bob.”

“Do you sell T-shirts?” the called asked.

“No,” I again replied.

“Are you sure you ain’t John?” he then asked.  Now, one thing I love in Life is a ‘wrong number!’  My opening for creative expression…

“Well, now that you ask, I am not so sure.  let me go check my birth certificate.  I know where my birth certificate is!”

“Are you a comedian?” he then asked.

“No, just a retired pilot,” I told him.

“Well, thank you,” he said, “I’m sorry to have bothered you.

“One thing before you go,” I asked.


“When you find John, would you tell him I said ‘hi?'”


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