Harry’s Bees Drinking the Neighbor’s Water…

One afternoon Harry and Guyneth (his wife) were sitting in their living room when came a knock on their back door.  Harry set down his paper and went to see who it was – it was a neighbor lady from a couple houses down.

“Your bees are drinking my dog’s water!” she pronounced.

Now, what in hell do you say to something like this?   And of all people this had to happen to – Harry!

“I just can’t believe that Ethel (not her real name),” he replied, “I just had a stern talking to them about this very thing the other evening!”

“Well, they continue to drink my dog’s water, and I want to know what you are going to do about it,” she continued.

It was about this time Guyneth inserted herself into the equation as Harry was not one long on patience for this kind of thing.  Unnoticed, Harry retreated to the basement.

After a couple-3 minutes Harry returned, with a gallon milk jug of water.  “Ethel,” he said, “please accept this water on behalf of myself and my bees as a token of our deepest regret.  When they all return from the fields this evening I will have their little asses!”  And he went back into the living room…

A couple more minutes, when Guyneth returned to the living room, she just stood in front of Harry, staring at him.  When he looked up form the paper she said, “Don’t you ever do that to me again!”  As far as I know, he didn’t…

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