The Blue Car…

In late summer 1967, a 7-year old boy saw ‘the blue car’ come to his house.  He then watched a couple-3 officers, dressed in their dressed blues, come up to his house.  It was then he and his family learned that his father had been shot down in Vietnam and was listed as ‘Missing In Action.”  It was then he became “the man of the house.”

For the next 2 years his family did not know if his Dad was dead or alive.  And this 7-year old picked up the responsibilities of “the man of the house.”  Then they learned that his father was in fact, alive and a POW.  And for the subsequent 3 1/2 years, this 7-year old was ‘the man of the house.’

His story is unique in and of itself; but not so different than many other children of military service members – “Military Brats,” as we often call ourselves.  This kid ‘stepped up’ when called upon.  It’s just what we do…

H.R. 1889 is a bill currently before Congress to recognize such kids as this.  (I have included the text of this bill in the post just previous to this one.)  It is a simple bill, 6 pages in length.  In a ‘nutshell,’ the bill says:

1.  We (the Congress, and America) want to recognize the children of military service members (Military Brats) for their service to our nation through their sacrifices, their commitment and their service to our nation.

2.  The method of recognition will be a commemorative lapel pin (button), to be designed and approved by the Secretary of Defense.

3.  Eligibility and presentation are also covered.

4.  Cost will be a “pass through” cost – more than likely, to the parents.

And this is it.  Simple, huh?  And yet this bill has sat “in committee” for over 3 years, with no action!

And now I will make it even more simple: the design of the pin should be a dandelion flower.

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 7.24.11 AMLike the dandelion, when we (Military Brats) mature, we scatter to the four winds, then take root and blossom again.  Simple, huh?

So, why has this simple bill sat “in committee” for over 3 years?


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  1. Steve says:

    Because it’s only 4 lines, doesn’t refer to some other obscure law and is readable, something most members of Congress are unable to do.

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