Apathy, Ignorance and Determination!

This is a reply I received last night off a post I put on an internet “Brat” site about the initiative to recognize Military Brats with a Congressional Commemorative Lapel Pin:

“I’ve met with my congressman too, and Roberta has written to just about everyone she could..and no luck.  My congressman Tom Rooney R/FL said that they do recognize our plight, and need for recognition, but the problem with this bill getting passed right now is of course, the budget.  Unfortunately, recognizing brats by producing hundreds of thousands of pins is not a priority budget item.”

Grrrr!  And, my reply:

Mil Brats Legislation

“Hi, And, thank you for your support here!   If Rep. Rooney would actually read the bill, H.R. 1889, he would see that there is virtually NO COST to our precious government.  There will not be one EBT payment missed for the production of our pins!  The bill is structured to where the parents pay for the damn pins!

There is usually a die charge, then price-breaks for increasing amounts of pins.  I suppose I might see if I can get the Pope to bless a design before our stupid congress!  This is only a 6-page bill – ya think he might be able to read it before voting on an obamacare bill?    And I even have a design suggestion for the pin – saving the shoeclerks even more time and money.  See: https://www.lonelypilotbob.com/?p=2256    Morons like this make me ever more determined.  Our kids – “we” – deserve the recognition for our service!   Think I might be a little bit passionate about this idea?  LOL!  Again, thank you for your interest here… it encourages me!  Bob”

When people like this tell me I “can’t” do something or another, it is in my nature to become even more determined!  We will make this happen!

Aside:  “Thousands” of pins?  We are probably talking “millions” of pins!


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