Why I Drive the Speed Limit

You might think I would drive the ‘speed limit’ today because, “…it’s the Law.”  Doesn’t seem that’s my motivation anymore.  Today it seems I drive the speed limit only to piss “you” (rhetorically) off!  Or, you would think.  It appears there is always someone on my ass to get around me, as soon as they can.  Well, let me “share” something with you, Sunshine.  Just because you think you have to be somewhere “right now,” doesn’t mean I am going to speed up for you.  As a matter of fact, it kinda warms my heart to see you get pissed off, back there in my rear view mirror!

I have observed all sorts of “hissy fits” in my rear view mirror here of late.  A couple of my favorites are:

1.  The steering wheel bangers.  That’s so much fun to watch!

2.  The ‘head shakers.’  Like, I care?

3.  The folks who come up to my bumper, only to draw back when they can’t make the pass.  It just seems to add to their frustration.

If I think it will annoy you further, I will drag out my phone, and pretend to make a call – only to get to you even more spun up – while going 3 miles per hour under the posted speed limit!  And I can go 5 miles and hour under the limit, if I want…

Being retired, I have all the time in the world to “work you over.”  And yes, I am getting old – which makes it even more fun!



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