“Real” Alcoholics…

When I hear someone at an AA meeting open with; “Hi, my name is Eric Schmuckenfuss, and I am a ‘real alcoholic’ – I see a “free shot!”  What the hell is a “real alcoholic?”  Is it something like being a ‘little bit pregnant?’  Anyway, it’s a ‘free shot’ for me!

Even if I don’t have anything to say, I will conjure up something – just so I can introduce myself like, “Hi, I am Bob, and I just have a mild case of alcoholism.”  It is always worth the effect… LOL!

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  1. Hi I’m an alcoholic too..but I only attended 2 meetings..I don’t smoke and don’t drink coffee and the whining of what they did when they were drunk used to piss me off so I just quit going..It’s great for those you need it, but I’ve been sober over 22 years and luckily didn’t need the meetings..I’m a brat also..maybe we should organize Brat meetings..????

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