Behind the Kid…

I recently changed my FaceBook profile picture to this:


It was taken at Davis-Monthan AFB, (Tuscon) AZ in 1957.  I was 10 or 11 years old at the time.  I changed my picture to “honor” my service to our Nation, as an Air Force Brat.  Anyway, this morning I want to tell you about what’s ‘behind the kid.’

If you look close, you can see airplanes.  They are sitting in the “Boneyard.”

Also of note is, there is no fence between me and the Boneyard.  So, where do you think I played?  As a matter of fact, I ‘soloed’ my first airplane in that boneyard!

It wasn’t sanctioned, by any means, but that’s where we all played.  They didn’t need a fence because in those days, we didn’t destroy things.  There also weren’t as many lawyers.  How many playgrounds have lawyers ruined over the years now?  (Ah ha, a topic for yet another ‘post’ someday!)

Just off my right shoulder sat another house, like the one you see behind me.  It was between those 2 houses that I leaned that you do not put a can of pork and beans in a campfire without first opening it!

We were having a ‘sleep out’ between the 2 houses one night, and decided to cook some beans.  So, when the fire was going nicely, I set a can of beans right in the middle of it.  Crap!  I don’t know what hurt most: the hot beans on my leg, or the piece of tin can embedded in my leg?

It is truly remarkable that I survived my youth…



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