Baby Boomer Number 1

A few years ago the morning news crews made a BIG DEAL out of “Baby Boomer Number 1.”  Someone found this lady who was born very early on 1 Jan 1946 and designated her as “Baby Boomer Number 1.”  ABC, CBS and NBC all ran stories on her – it was quite a big deal, being ‘Baby Boomer Number 1!’  And she got a few nice prizes, plus her first social security check!

I didn’t think much about it as the show ran – then I did get to thinking; why does she get a “Baby Boomer Number,” and I don’t?  Pissed me off; I’m a “baby boomer.”

The more I thought about it, the more ‘annoyed’ I got.  I deserve a “Baby Boomer Number!”  So, what the hell, I decided to have some fun with it all!  I called the local Social Security office and asked the poor slob who just happened to take my call, how I could find out what my ‘Baby Boomer Number’ was…

“What?” he replied.

I then explained the interviews/articles I had seen on TV that morning and asked how I could find out what my Baby Boomer Number was.  He then replied, “I don’t think we have ‘Baby Boomer Numbers.'”  Then I had him!

“Well, why did she get one, and I don’t get one?”  (Remember the crap we had to take from our kids over all the years?  Payback!  LOL!)

I was subsequently able to work ‘this one’ for 10 minutes or so, then I wore him out.  Kinda like a cat playing with a chipmunk it finds.  After 20 minutes or so, ‘Chippy’ just doesn’t have the energy to play anymore!

I’m certain I made his day – he made mine!

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  1. Cheeta17 says:

    This is an exchange I had on FB with this story:

    Timothy W: What a waste of time – yours and the Social Security employee’s.
    17 hours ago ·

    Bob: You have a very valid point here Timothy. I think I will ‘Un-friend’ myself here – just to teach myself to be more considerate of our federal servants!
    17 hours ago via mobile · Like · 1

    Timothy: It’s worth remembering that you are a member of this FB page because at least one of your parents was a “federal servant” of some sort. 17 hours ago · Like

    Bob: Good point, 3 weeks it is!

    Bob: BTW, I went to a seance the other night to get ahold of my 2 brothers. One died 4 years ago, and the other works for Social Security…

    Timothy: No reply! LOL….

  2. I was wondering about my baby number also. I worked out mine. It has taken lot’s 0′ time, but I got it. I was born Dec. 4, 1946 at 2:30 e.s.t. My baby boomer number is 3,160,899 and I have an official certificate to prove it. I am making a web site now. and setting up an e-bay account. I will provide “Official Certificates” with anyone’s individual baby boomer number. No number will or can be duplicated. I retire each number once I issue it.
    Some examples of famous baby boomers. Barack Obama #61,839,359 – George W. Bush #1,755,810 – Vanna White #42,818,647. I am going to send Obama’s to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. this week.

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