Chicken WIre

“Now.” you might ask, “why would anyone want to write a ‘blog post’ on chicken wire?”  And that is indeed, a good question.  Well, I’ll tell you.

Last weekend I went to a local store to buy some chicken wire.  Couldn’t find it, but I knew they had it.  They recently renovated the whole store to where you can’t find anything now.  Must have hired a new east-coast college boy in management…

So, I went up to the front desk and asked where they were hiding the chicken wire.  “Oh, he replied, “do you mean ‘Galvanized Hex Netting?'”  WTF, over?

“Well,” he began his explanation, “galvanized hex netting (chicken wire) is used for many other purposes than just caging chickens.”

“The ‘fuck’ you say!” I replied.  “And here I thought some chicken registered a ‘complaint’ with the chicken wire company, and they bowed to it’s tender sensitivities!”

At this juncture, I just turned and walked away, leaving the kid with an empty stare in his eyes as he thought about the chicken’s sensitive inner chick… Gawd, help us!

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