Mike’s Bag….

One Friday afternoon Craig and I stopped in Amarillo, TX for a ‘gas-and-go’ on a weekend T-38 cross-country mission.  We were parked next to another Randolph (AFB) T-38.

The “rules” at the time, mandated that we take a “bag” – an instrument hood for the rear cockpit – to justify the trip.  It was not a big deal to have the bag in the rear cockpit, other than being a pain in the ass at times.

When we went into the FBO – Fixed Base Operations – we saw Mike O. briefing a student.  It was his jet next to ours.

Mike was a nice enough guy; a little naive at times I suppose, but not a bad guy.  And he was briefing his heart out as we headed back out to our jet.

When we got out to our jet I looked at Craig and then at the bag, then I asked, “What do you think?”  And then, it wasn’t long before we had that bag removed, and installed in Mike’s jet.  And off we went without another thought.

At our Monday a few of us were sitting around when Mike said, “You know, I had the strangest experience over the weekend.  I was on a student cross-country and we departed without a ‘bag’ on Friday afternoon.  When we landed yesterday afternoon, there was a bag in the jet.  Damnest thing…”

I didn’t have the heart to say anything…  but it was ‘killing me!’

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One Response to Mike’s Bag….

  1. Bill Ferrier says:


    Just got around to reading this. A classic.

    Some of my best Air Force memories revolve around schemes to pull someones chain. This may not be the best but it’s certainly in the top ten.


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