A Thing of Beauty…

A few years ago Joe invited me to help him build a deer stand at his place.  Now, I love things like that – building things and spending time with friends.  So, I packed up my tools and headed over to his place in Southeast Ohio.

I arrived at his place just around noon.  After lunch we headed to Lowe’s where he bought all the materials we would need.  Upon paying for them, we got in his pickup and began heading back home.  As we left the parking lot, I looked over at Joe and asked, “Say Joe, did you want to bring the materials you just bought home with us?”  He replied with just a single word, “Fuck!” and we turned around…

First we assembled it in his pole barn – to make sure it would all fit before we dragged it up the mountain.


Then up the mountain we went with it.



Took 3 or 4 trips to get everything up there.





Once we had everything up there we began the assembly,

DSCN0853and then the erection.


Here Joe is slowly pulling it up and into it’s eventual mounted place.





And, in the end, a thing of beauty!

IMG_0737From this deer stand Joe can shoot deer in New Mexico!  It sits about 12 feet off the ground, is insulated and heated.

I am grateful he invited me to be a ‘part of it…’



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