Well, Okay Then…

After we got the deer stand built Joe invited me over to hunt deer.  Now, I have hunted a great deal in my life; pheasants, quail, ducks and often my socks – but never deer.  I wasn’t really that “shot-in-the-head” about it, but why not?

So last year I headed over to Joe’s just after the opening of Ohio deer season.  He was so gracious to let me hunt in the stand we built.  He was going to hunt from another stand he had about a quarter mile or so from the one I was assigned to.

That first morning I didn’t see anything that I wanted to shoot.  So we headed in around 10, had lunch then back out around 3.

I settled in and didn’t see anything until just before dusk.  Then I began to see some activity.  No bucks, but a couple real nice does.  I was fine with a ‘nice doe.’

When I had ‘the shot,’ I took it, and  down she went!  Down to her knees, then down over the side of the hill.  Crap!  Took me the better part of a half-hour to find her.

However, just after I climbed down from the deer stand I sent a text to Joe, telling him I “got one!”

He replied a text, “Send picture.”  I thought that was a bit odd, but oh well… So, I sent:

IMG_0741Thinking to myself, “Well, okay then…”









I can only imaging what Joe thought when he got the picture…

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